Message from the Director

Biomedical Fusion System Laboratory (BFSL) has been established under the action philosophy, 'Patience, Honesty, Diligence' and has grown to become a specialized group as a trusted companion of students representing the BME field of Korea.

Through our entry into the BME field, we will provide more diverse research opportunities for students and new areas of opportunity and challenge in the medical device industry where the young talented personnel of BME can full-heartedly implement their competencies. BFSL will take a leading role in biomedical engineering field in Korea where corporations and academia can grow together. The efforts of each BFSL members, which are attempting to share social values, will continue into the future making BFSL an excellent research group and human resources in Korea.

As a lab existing for our students and as the pioneer opening a new frontier in Korea's biomedical engineering, the history of BFSL's challenges towards the world will continue into the future. As a specialized talented young researcher's group independent of prejudice, we promise to do our utmost to become a meaningful entity for each and everyone of the Korea's medical device industry.

BFSL Director / Professor Sung Min Kim